New Feature 🍏
7 months ago

[Pro Feature] Protect your embeds

If you want to be sure that your embeds are only available from your website, and can't even be viewed by a direct link, then NotionHero is the first tool that allows this. Simply enter list of websites, and embeds will be rendered only on those websites.
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New Feature 🍏
over 1 year ago

Copy to Clipboard widget Button

Right after I shipped Widget Buttons I decided to implement a very neat Copy to Clipboard button type.

Select "Button Action" -> "Copy to clipboard", enter the string you want to be copied, and voilà!

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New Feature 🍏
over 1 year ago

Widget Buttons are live

Something I have been working on for the last couple of days. As the first part of the Widgets feature, I have decided to ship Buttons 🤩 At the moment, they only work as links, so they are perfect for CTAs, building a collection of links, and redirecting your users to the pages. 
Buttons are customizable:
- Flat or Outline buttons
- Define custom colors, fonts, etc
- Hundreds of icons from Font Awesome library
- Customizable layout: stretch buttons, N numbers per row, min Width.

New Feature 🍏
over 1 year ago

Beta Version is Live 🎉 🚀

Greetings! After almost two months in development first version of NotionHero is finally live. And the landing page ( it took me a week to finish it 😿 ).

NotionHero has two features live:
- Embeds
- Charts


With Embeds, you can easily embed your Notion Page into any website or website builder. Notion doesn't support this out of the box, which is why you can use NotionHero for this. It takes 30 seconds to convert your Notion Page into a simple iframe code that can be injected into any website.


Beautiful and simple charts for your Notion Databases. Visualize your data, and include it in Notion within a few clicks of your mouse. At the start, NotionHero supports six chart types and customization, such as colors or choosing any column as Axes.

Now it is time to collect your feedback and add more features!